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Fátima Lopes with "Joiner of Secrets"

He is known as the joiner of secrets. His sons followed his footsteps. Master Firmino's slogan "Poor but happy". With this phrase, his music and the art of artistic carpentry surprised Fátima Lopes. "An artist rare in our country."

From the television show:

Is known as Joiner of Secrets and the sons followed in his footsteps. Get to know Firmino Adão Canhoto, the man whose life motto the phrase: poor but happy!!

The next guest is an artist ever rare in our country and has the merit of having been able to pass the passion for his profession to both his children.

They are authentic works of art, all hand made with secrets kept inside the furniture. That's why Master Firmino Adão Canhoto is known as Joiner of Secrets.

-This is the table of the Ladies in style Dom José. It has four tops and several secrets. This top is to play cards, this top is to play Backgammon, Chess and Checkers. Now we have a top to serve tea. But serve tea, we need a board. Now we find out here a secret, to go seek the board. It has a mirror for Ladies and has this secret here, you press, a place to hide notes. It also has other secrets. Is this one, to continue to hide the notes.

Firmino was only eleven when he wanted to learn the art of joinery.

-I always liked making difficult things. Simple things to me do not tell me anything. And I thought what I would learn to do furniture that would last many lifetimes.

And so he outlined the future. Set up on his own and dedicated to creating art furniture and restoring antique furniture. Is marquetry artisan for fifty-seven years and always suffers selling a piece.

-Imagine what it is to be one year and eight months around a piece, which is made with much love and affection and then having to sell. It is like a son who leaves home.

And speaking of sons, Carla and John chose the same fate as his father and for him this is a great source of pride.

-They began working in the workshop when they went to school, came here to the workshop and had their salary thus were born the teeth, so to speak here in the workshop...

And not only in the art of working with wood that the sons followed their father's footsteps. It is that Firmino contagious them with another of his passions.

-I can perhaps be considered the man of the seven instruments, because I play several instruments, some of them are made by me. I have indeed other great passion, apart from the music, which is the theater. I started at seven years old on stage, today I have sixty-eight and I've always done theater during all these years. Founded in 1968 the theater group "The Incredibles of Aboboreira", of which I am director and actor.

To Firmino happiness is to to make others happy, so he is dedicated to many arts to bringing a smile on others.

I want to sing and be merry
That sadness is not good
I've never seen sadness
Give food to anyone