Wooden Crucifix Indo Portuguese style, offer to Monsignor Manuel Clemente




15-03-2017 Wooden Crucifix, Indo-Português style, offer for the Hon. Mr. Cardinal Patriarch, Monsignor Manuel Clemente

In the context of the pastoral visit to the parishes of Mafra the Hon. Mr. Cardinal Patriarch, Monsignor Manuel Clemente, the Mafra Vicariate counted on the mastery of the craftsmen of Mafra, resorting to the Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto, for the manufacture of a special piece to offer in form of gratitude for his visit.

The Crucifix is the result of an order made by the Vicariate of Mafra.

With a design inspired by the Indo-Portuguese style, well-known by Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto, a desktop Crucifix decorated with various woods inlaid with stylized diamonds shape, circles and glitter was created.

Using the woods Teak, Roseood, Boxwood and Conewood, the artisans of Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto followed their creative spirit and know how of ancestral methods, finishing the Crucifix "with a doll" aplying virgin bee wax produced with a special recipe of the Atelier itself.

At the request of Mafra Vicariate, the piece was personalized with a dedication.

On the first Sunday of Lent, in the Royal Basilica of Mafra, a large audience vibrated to the wonderful and singular sound of the unique set of six pipe organs (which years earlier the Atelier helped to restore the keyboard), followed by the celebration of the Solemn Mass closing of the pastoral visit to the parishes of Mafra. Monsignor Manuel Clemente kissed the offered Crucifix.

In such an imposing place, the artisans of Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto saw two of their work. It is with great pleasure that they see celebrated the mastery of Portuguese woodworking, representing what is best done in Portugal in unique pieces, made in wood.


See here the reportage of the newspaper "O Carrilhão"...


  Detail glow, crucifix in wood with marquetry

Monsignir Manuel Clemente, Cardinal Patriarch, kisses the Crucifix ofeered

  Wood Crucifix indo portuguese styleDetail of the base of the desktop Crucifix in wood indo portuguese styleCrucifix indo portugueseMaster Firmino Adão Canhoto delivers the Crucifix finishedCardinal Patriarch, Monsignor Manuel Clemente, kisses the crucifix offered by Mafra's Vicariate, manufactured by Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto