VIP interiores magazine, news on the luxury indo portuguese cabinet Tiger, from Mafra's Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto  

08-2018 Magazine VIP Interiores

In WHATS NEW section the magazine highlights the indo portuguese cabinet: contador Tiger, a luxury furniture made with noble woods, brought from the 17th century by Mafra’s Atelier Móveis d’Arte Canhoto. “ attention, because only 10 copies were made”.


  Urbana magazine,Special Christmas "Guide to the most complete gifts of the Year"  

12-2017 Magazine Urbana

In the Special Christmas "Guide to the most complete gifts of the Year", the suggestion for art lovers with the office box Ventó Indo-Portuguese Cabinet Tigers Eyes, handmade limited edition manufacture to 10 units, by Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto.


  Jornal O Carrilhão, oferta ao Cardeal Patriarca, Dom Manuel Clemente, de Crucifixo em madeira com ebutidos, estilo Indo-Português  

03-2017 Newspaper O Carrilhão

The newspaper "O Carrilhão" followed the pastoral visit of the Hon. Mr. Cardinal Patriarch, Monsignor Manuel Clemente. It registered the offer of the Vicariate of Mafra that Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto manufactured by special request, the Crucifix with inlaid wooden work, inspired by the Indo-Portuguese style. Here you can see photos and more information about the Crucifix...

  VIP Magazine National Handicraft Award Indo Portuguese Cabinet   10-2016 Magazine VIP

In the rubric NEWS, VIP magazine refers to the Handicraft Award the Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto won with the Indo-Portuguese Cabinet Grifo at the National Handicrafts Award, which theme was The Arts of the House within the FIA Lisboa - International Handicrafts Fair.

  VISÃO Magazine Madeira-Prima Artistic Carpentry Mafra  

09-2016 Magazine VISÃO

In the supplement Sete, VISÃO magazine refers to "Canhoto family, from Mafra, as dedicated to artistic woodwork of the eighteenth century, rich in embedded and gilding" in the presentation of the new television program, Madeira-Prima, RTP2, which speaks of pure and simple carpentry.

  VIP Interiores Magazine Novelty Jewelry Box   05-2016 VIP Interiors Magazine

In the rubric News, the VIP Interiors magazine highlights the Jewelry box. "With over 60 years of experience, the workshop Móveis d’Arte Canhoto is a family business, a reference attached to a cabinetmaker dying art: the art of embedding the wood. Small in size, big on beauty and value, this mini Indo Portuguese counter, used to store jewelry and other relics, is decorated with floral motifs."

  VIP Magazine highlights a luxurious furniture piece.  

03-2016 Magazine VIP

In the rubric News, the VIP magazine highlights a luxurious furniture piece. "With over 60 years of experience, Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto is a family company linked to the art of marquetry. In the image,
a mini Indo-Portuguese counter with floral motifs. A piece of luxury that always attracts the interest in his original technique and distinctive style."

  Newspaper of Vila do Conde, mastery in inlay wood.   08-2015 Newspaper of Vila do Conde

"Of the two hundred craftsmen present until Sunday at the gardens of Av. Júlio Graça, deserves particular attention Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto, which has all the luxury, art, knowledge and mastery in the inlay of the wood. This is also a opportunity for the Canhoto family to go out of the Mafra region and for the first time, bring their work and its 60 years of activity to the north of the country."

  Revista Caras Decoração, Fevereiro 2014. Ideias. Mesa de Jogo D. José  

02-2014 Magazine Caras Decoração

Ebanist Art... in the Ideas section of Caras Decoração Magazine, featured our King José Games Table. “With over 60 years experience Atelier Móveis d’Arte Canhoto specializes in the art of marquetry, creating unique pieces. Case of this D. José games table, all crafted and with four table tops, in limited edition of 10 copies, numbered and signed by the Master Craftsman.”

  Magazine Caras Decoração, May 2013. Handicraft Criationl Mini Indo-Portuguese Cabinet with floral motifs   05-2013 Magazine Caras Decoração

Handicraft criation... in the section Ideas of Caras Decoração our Mini Indo-Portuguese Contador with floral motifs, in rosewood, green wood and boxwood. Manufactured by Móveis d'Arte Canhoto workshop, specialized in restoration, replicas of the 17th and 18th century and in the design of handmade original peices (limited edition, numbered and signed).

  Magazine Caras Decoração, March 2013. Apartament Palácio da Enseada  

03-2013 Magazine Caras Decoração

In the article "CLASSIC Link" our artistic furniture is integrated in a interior design project by Best of Living, caracterized by a classic language in an contemporary concept. In an apartament in the condo Palácio da Enseada at Matosinhos. See our Indo-Portuguese Contador Laurissilva and our Mini Contador in a luxurious living room.

  Magazine Casa Cláudia, November 2012. Shopping, Indo-Portuguese Cabinet Flora   11-2012 Magazine Casa Cláudia

In the section Shopping the magazine Casa Cláudia made a selection of contemporary pieces to live well in and outdoors, being our Indo-Portuguese Contador Flora a choice.

  Magazine Caras Decoração, April 2012. Antiques + Contemporary Art - rare pieces of high quality - Cabinet Flora XXI   04-2012 Magazine Caras Decoração

In the article "Perfect Alliance: Antiques + Contemporary Art" partners for exceptional environments, the Magazine Caras Decoração has looked for rare pieces of high quality, and has chosen our new cabinet Contador FLORA XXI with silver base.
  Magazine Casa Cláudia, April 2012. Living Room, to make shine the living room Indo-Portugese Cabinet Flora   04-2012 Magazine Casa Cláudia

In the section Living Room the magazine Casa Claudia presents solutions to make your living room even more welcoming and functional. It was part of the selection of striking pieces to make shine the most used space of the House our Indo-Portuguese Contador Flora.

  Business Newspaper - April 2012. The best investments of the World. Artistic furniture.   03-2012 Negócios Newspaper

The best investments of the World. Artistic furniture.

Soon, the complete article for reading.
  Magazine Casas & Negócios, January 2012 - Contador ContaMe Design In section - a piece of luxurious furniture   01-2012 Magazine Casas & Negócios

ContaMe gives that talk...
In Design In section of the magazine, the story will talk about three companies who have joined to create a piece of luxurious furniture that reinterprets the ancient cabinet: contador.

  Magazine Casa Cláudia, December 2011   12-2011 Magazine Casa Cláudia

Casa Cláudia's Choice for Living Rooms.
Art of woodworking.
"...reference in Portugal in the artisan construction, restoration of furniture and mastery of inlay work, keeping alive the art of marquetry. With over 50 years of tradition. If you have a piece that you want to restore, contact them."
  Magazine Caras Decoração, Novembro 2011   11-2011 Magazine Caras Decoração

Luxury Furniture. 100% Portuguese.
Article Masters in Marquetry.
Masters that dominate a unique traditional art, transforming the finest woods in the world into authentic masterpieces.
  Magazine VIP, 20 Set 2011  

09-2011 Magazine VIP

Selection VIP Lifestyle.
Indo-Portuguese Cabinet Flora.
Cabinet with marquetry and noble woods.

  Newspaper O Carrilhão, Jul 2011   07-2011 Newspaper O Carrilhão

Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto awarded at the International Handicrafts Exhibition. Family enterprise, with more than 50 years of experience in marquetry, João and Carla Canhoto inherited the unique capacity of creating true art work in furniture replicas of the 16th and 17th Century.
  Newspaper O Ericeira, Jul 2011   07-2011 Newspaper O Ericeira

Azueira's Masters awarded silver at the Nacional Handicrafts Prize with the Indo-Portuguese Cabinet Griffon. The Atelier Móveis d'Arte Canhoto is proud to have had 3 art work selected nationaly. The mastery of the artisans João and Carla Canhoto recognized, as their father Master Firmino Adão Canhoto was also prized with tne Bed Queen Mary "rich" style.
  Magazine Máxima Interiores, Oct-2010   10-2010 Magazine Máxima Interiores

They draw and make hand perfect replicas of antique furniture. They are experts in inlaying and marquetry. They are part of the same family and sepak with love of their work. Meet Móveis d'Arte Canhoto.

08-2010 Magazine Casa Cláudia

Table Era Uma Vez... (Once Upon a Time...)
Presence on the 3rd edition of Oporto Show.

    07-2010 Magazine Caras Decoração

" Style, design and portuguese culture present on the DNA os a young brand with legs to walk."
Article of the Table Once Upon a Time, with design of Paulo Gouveia and production by Mestre Canhoto. Project of Vandoma.


15-09-2003 Magazine Região Saloia

" Fascinated with the process of applying real gold."
João and Carla Canhoto making gold platted handcarved barroque columns.


12-10-2001 Newspaper Badaladas

"Living patrimony"
In Convento de Mafra.

Duques de Bragança choose the coat of arms to embed the bed of D. Afonso.


18-10-2001 Magazine Lux

" Kngs bed" for D. Afonso.


    04-10-2001 Newspaper FrenteOeste

"Canhoto makes dukes bed"
Mafra's artisan finishes the bed for the heir to the throne of Portugal.

25-01-2000 Magazine Região Saloia

"Ambassadors visit Mafra"

    06-2000 Newspaper O Carrilhão

"Firmino Canhoto makes a present for the Pope"
Piece executed by Firmino Canhoto, João Canhoto and Carla Canhoto, authoring Arqº Júlio Gil.

07-03-1998 Magazine Caras

" Duchess of Braganza
participates in the manufacturing of the bed for her daughter"
Bed style D. Maria "rich" for the infanta Maria Francisca.

    04-1997 Magazine Fortuna

"The art of embedding"